ICS Services

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Industrial Construction Services provides Project Management & Engineering services to our clients to assist them in proper project design and cost effective savings techniques.  We are a single source contractor that aids from the beginning design stages of a project and manage the project through install completion.  We can provide assistance in equipment layout, detailed measurements, AutoCad and Solidworks drawings, sizing equipment, material/equipment procurement, and fabrication drawing.  We then oversee our self-performed project installation and manage any necessary.  Our Managers & Engineers are involved in all phases of the project to ensure a quality product is delivered. 


Our field crews have extensive knowledge and experience in Silo installation, Silo Demolition, & Silo modifications.  Whether it be a full system install and removal of an old system, or installing dust collection system, ladders, platforms, & handrails, we have qualified and competent crews to assist in all aspects of your project.  We also work with a wide array of vendors in order to give our clients the best possible price at the highest quality possible.

Cooling Tower Installation, Cooling Tower Piping, Chilled Water Piping

ICS employs dedicated industrial process and convey piping crews to install numerous types of piping projects.  We handle projects as small as moving air lines for service or pneumatic equipment, to as large as thousands of feet of utility and process piping systems.  Our largest project to date involved over 7 miles of pipe, installed by a crew of 40+ skilled craftsman in an 8 month time frame; it involved hydraulic, grease, chilled water, process water, natural gas, argon, oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air, and steam piping systems.  We also install a wide range of material convey piping systems for dried and liquid products. 

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Our Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop is located at our main offices and primarily serves to allow for quality control of the projects our field crews install.  With over 32,600 square feet of space we are able to custom fabricate and repair items such as tanks and hoppers, industrial ductwork, conveyors, piping/pumping/metering skids, piping transitions, mezzanines, stairways, ladders, handrails, bollards, equipment guards, machine guards, large and small structural steel, and sheet metal works.  We also employ equipment mechanics that can rebuild and troubleshoot equipment at our facility. No matter how large or small your project is, we can build it or repair it. 

Air Compressor Move, Rigging, Millwright Services

We employ a wide range of skilled craftsman capable of servicing and installing various industrial construction projects.  Our crews have thorough knowledge and experience installing Cooling Towers, Chillers, Compressors, Blowers, Industrial Fans, Conveyors, Bagging Systems, Super sack systems, Load Cells, Extruders, structural steel, metal buildings and all items our fabrication shop constructs.  Our rigging crews are skilled in relocating used equipment or installing new equipment, as well as servicing and troubleshooting.   

Screw Conveyors, Screw Conveyor Install, Conveying System, Conveying System Install

ICS has extensive experience with designing and installing Bulk Unloading and Convey Systems.  Whether it is Truck unloading, Rail Car unloading, bulk storage tank unloading, or belt conveyors, screw conveyors, roller conveyors, or bucket elevators, we can assist our clients in designing, budgeting, and installing your equipment. 

ICS managers have vast experience in designing and building plastic compounding and extrusion lines.  We have aided in the design phases through installation of projects, and have built entirely new lines as well as refurbished old ones; we have even built lines at our fabrication shop and shipped them internationally. 



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